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If you 1) identify as Black, 2) are over the age of 18, and 3) live in Minneapolis or St Paul, you are eligible to contribute to this study by completing a brief survey. You can opt to receive a 15$ Amazon gift card upon completion.

The surveys are now being distributed through community partners. Unfortunately, our direct link was attacked several times by survey hackers and bots. This approach is our new way of attempting to hear your voice and ensure it's not muddled by people taking advantage of opportunities. 

This project is affiliated with the Robert J. Jons Urban Research Outreach-Engagement Center (UROC)


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Black MSP Residents will identify trusted messengers for Black communities in our area that are important sources to learn about what's in the news. If you receive an email about participating in a brief survey and interview, you were named in this survey. This part of the survey is invite only. If you have questions or concerns about this part of the study, please contact the researchers. 

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If you have already participated in this study and did not receive your 15$ gift card, please call ‪(612) 440-5609 and leave a message with your name and number. We'll return your call as soon as possible.


Upon completion of an analysis of the survey, interviews, and an analysis of news narratives, a symposium will be held to have more public conversations about the needs and concerns of leaders interested in tackling misinformation about Black communities through united leadership. Details will be announced in Spring 2023.  

This project has been generously funded by The Miami Foundation, the John S. and James Knight Foundation, and the Hubbard School of Journalism and Mass Communication. 

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